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245 _aRitual Communication
_h[Texte imprimé] /
_cedited by Gunter Senft and Ellen Basso.
250 _aEnglish edition.
260 _aOxford ;
_aNew York :
300 _a1 vol. (xi-385 p.) :
_bill. ;
_c25 cm.
490 1 _aWenner-Gren international symposium series,
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 341-372) and index.
520 _a"This volume presents a new approach to "ritual communication" by an international group of scholars from a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, rich with empirical data and path breaking for future theorizing on the topic. The chapters show how ritual communication involves witnessing a future through the making of cultural knowledge. They show ritual communication to be a highly "self-oriented" multimodal process in which the human body, temporalization, and spatialized settings play crucial roles. Ritual communication encompasses both verbal and sensory attributes. It is in part dependent upon prior formulaic and repeated action, and is thus anticipated within particular contexts of social interaction. It is performed and therefore subject to evaluation by its participants according to standards defined by language ideologies, local aesthetics, contexts of use, and interpersonal relations. The authors here emphasize the variety of participatory and experiential aspects of ritual communication in contemporary African, Native American, Asian, and Pacific cultures. Among the forms covered are ritual constraints on everyday interaction, gossip, private and public encounters, political meetings and public demonstrations, rites of passage, theatrical performances, magical formulae, shamanic chants, affinal civilities, and leaders' ceremonial discourse. The book is ideal for students and scholars in anthropology and linguistic anthropology in particular"--Provided by publisher
559 2 _bLittle rituals / John B. Haviland
_bEveryday ritual in the residential world / N.J. Enfield
_bTrobriand Islanders' forms of ritual communication / Gunter Senft
_b"Like a crab teaching its young to walk straight": proverbiality, semantics, and indexicality in English and Malay / Cliff Goddard
_bAccess rituals in West African communities: an ethnopragmatic perspective / Felix K. Ameka
_bRitual and the circularion of experience: negotiating community in the twentieth-century Amazon / Suzanne Oakdale
_bCommunicative resonance across settings: marriage arrangement, initiation, and political meetings in Kenya / Corinne A. Kratz
_bRitualized performances as total social facts: the house of multiple spirits in Tokelau / Ingjerd Hoëm
_bUnjuk rasa ("expression of feeling") in Sumba: Bloody Thursday in its cultural and historical context / Joel C. Kuipers
_bCivility and deception in two Kalapalo ritual forms / Ellen B. Basso
_bPrivate ritual encounters, public ritual indexes / Michael Silverstein
_b"While I sing I am sitting in a real airplane": innovative contents in Shuar and Achuar ritual communication / Maurizio Gnerre
_bInterior dialogues: the co-voicing of ritual in solitude / John W. Du Bois
650 _aCommunication and culture.
650 _aLanguage and culture.
650 _aRites and ceremonies.
650 7 _aCommunication et culture.
650 7 _aLangage et culture.
650 7 _aRites et cérémonies.
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695 _959739
_aCommunication non verbale
695 _959740
_aCommunication verbale
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700 1 _aSenft, Gunter
_eÉditeur scientifique
700 1 _aBasso, Ellen B.
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