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245 _aStudies in African linguistic typology :
_b[selection of papers presented at the International symposium "Typology of African languages" held at Sankt Augustin under the auspices of the Institut für Afrikanistik, Universitât zu Köln] /
_cedited by F.K. Erhard Voeltz,....
264 1 _aAmsterdam ;
_aPhiladelphia (Pa.) :
_bJ. Benjamins,
264 4 _ccopyright 2005.
300 _a1 vol. (XIII-426 p.) :
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490 1 _aTypological studies in language,
504 _aBibliogr. en fin de communications. Index.
520 _aLa quatrième de couverture indique: "The twenty-one papers that make up this volume reflect the broad perspective of African linguistic typology studies today. Where previous volumes would present language material from a very restricted area and perspective, the present contributions reflect the global interest and orientation of current African linguistic studies. The studies are nearly all implicational in nature. Based upon a detailed survey of a particular linguistic phenomenon in a given language or language area conclusions are drawn about the general nature about this phenomenon in the languages of Africa and beyond. They represent as such a first step that may ultimately lead to a more thorough understanding of African linguistic structures. This approach is well justified. Taking the other road, attempting to pick out linguistic details from often fairly superficially documented languages runs the risk that the data and its implications for the structure investigated might be misunderstood. Consequentially only very few studies of this nature giving the very broad perspective, the overview of a particular structure type covering the whole African continent are represented here."
559 2 _bIntroduction / F. K. Erhar Voeltz
_bFuture tense and aspect markings in Southern bantu / H. M. Batibo
_bThe making of directional deixis in somali : how typologically idiosyncratic is it? / Philippe Bourdin
_bA typology of subject and object markers in african languages / Denis Creissels
_bHead marking, dependent marking and constituent order in nilotic area / Gerrit J. Dimmendaal
_bAgent phrases in bantu passives / Axel Fleisch
_bGrammaticalization of switch reference : motivation and means / Zygmunt Frajzyngier
_bComplex predicates based on generic auxiliaries as an areal feature in Northeast Africa / Tom Güldemann
_bThe OHO constraint / Richard J. Hayward
_bThe word of Luganda / Larry M. Hyman and Francis X. Katamba
_bCase in Africa : on categorial misbehavior / Christa König
_bThe typology of relative clause formation in african languages / Tania Kuteva and Bernard Comrie
_bDeictic categories in particles and demonstratives in three gur languages / Kézié Koyenzi Lébikaza
_bPreprefix or not - that is the question : the case of kwangali, kwanyama and ndonga / Karsten Legère
_bNonverbal and verbal negations in kabyle (berber) : a typological perspective / Amina Mettouchi
_bGrammaticalization chains of the verb Kare "to give" in kabba / Rosmarie Moser
_bSelectors in cushitic / Maarten Mous
_bHow bantu is kiyansi? A re-examination of its verbal inflections / Salikoko S. Mufwene
_bDiathesis alternation in some gur languages / Brigitte Reineke and Gudrun Miehe
_bStructure and function of incorporation processes in compounding / ClaudiaMaria Riehl and Christa Kilian-Hatz
_bToward a typological perspective for Emai's BE constructions / Donald P. Scaefer and Francis O. Egbokhare
_bInstrisic focus and focus control in two varieties of hausa / H. Ekkehard Wolff
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650 7 _aLangues africaines
_xActes de congrès.
650 7 _aTypologie (linguistique)
_xActes de congrès.
650 _aAfrican languages
650 _aTypology (Linguistics)
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_aComparaison et classification des langues
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