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A Bibliography of Margaret Donaldson 's Published Work.

de Clark, Eve V.

Ouvrage: Understanding children: essays in honor of Margaret Donaldson Oxford : Basil Blackwell, 1990 p.210-212.Accès : Voir document
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A case for a cognitive corpus linguistics.

de Grondelaers, Stefan; Speelman, Dirk; Geeraerts, Dirk.

Ouvrage: Methods in Cognitive Linguistics / M. Gonzalez-Marquez, I. Mittelberg, S. Coulson (Eds.) Amsterdam : John Benjamins Pub. Co, 2007 p.149-170.Accès : Voir document
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A Case Study of Early Language Awareness.

de Slobin, Dan I.

Ouvrage: The Child's conception of language / Sinclair, Anne,Jarvella, Robert J., Levelt, Willem J. M. (Eds.) Berlin : Heidelberg : New York : Springer-Verlag, 1978 p.45-54.Accès : Voir document
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A case study of the early acquisition of verbs in Dutch.

de Gillis, Steven.

Ouvrage: Development of Verb Inflection in First Language Acquisition: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective / D. Bittner, W. U. Dressler, M. Kilani-Schoch (Eds.) Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter, 2003 p.171-203.Édition : 2003.Accès : Voir document
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A cognitive account of the causative/inchoative alternation in Thai.

de Thepkanjana, Kingkarn.

Ouvrage: Cognitive linguistics and non-Indo-European languages / E.H. Casad, G.B. Palmer (Eds.) Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter, 2003 p.247-274.Accès : Voir document
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A cognitive approach to spatial terms represented by 'in front of' and `behind' in English, and their metaphorical extensions.

de Kalisz, Roman.

Ouvrage: Meaning and Lexicography / J. Tomaszczyk, B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (Eds.) Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins, 1990 p.167-179.Accès : Voir document
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A computational model of the ambiguity-vagueness spectrum.

de Dunbar, George.

Ouvrage: Cognitive Foundations of Linguistic Usage Patterns / H.J. Schmid, S. Handl (Eds.) Berlin : De Gruyter, 2010 p.13-32.Accès : Voir document
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A Computer Vision Model Based on Psychophysical Experiments.

de Walters, Deborah K. W.

Ouvrage: Pattern recognition by humans and machines, Visual perception, vol. 6 / E.C. Schwab, H. C. Nusbaum (Eds.) Orlando : Academic Press, 1986 p.87-120.Accès : Voir document
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A computerized conferencing system.

de Hiltz, Starr Roxanne.

Ouvrage: Psychology of Written Communication: Selected Readings London : Kogan Page, 2000 233-235.Accès : Voir document
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A connectionist model of past tense acquisition in Norwegian.

de Noklestad, Anders.

Ouvrage: A cognitive approach to the verb: morphological and constructional perspectives / H.G. Simonsen, R. T. Endresen (Eds.) Berlin ; New York : Mouton de Gruyter, 2001 p.165-200.Accès : Voir document
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A Developmental Analysis of Cognitive Semantics: What Is the Role of Metaphor in the Construction of Knowledge and Reasoning?.

de Kofsky Scholnick, Ellin; Cookson, Kelly.

Ouvrage: The Nature and ontogenesis of meaning / W.F. Overton, D.S. Palermo (Eds.) Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 1994 p.109-128.Accès : Voir document
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A Developmental Study of Pragmatic Appropriateness of Word Order and Case Marking in Kaluli.

de Schieffelin, B.

Ouvrage: The Child's Construction of Language / W. Deutsch (Ed.) London : Academic press, 1981 p.105-120.Accès : Voir document
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A discourse approach to the cross-linguistic category "Adjective".

de Thompson, Sandra A.

Ouvrage: Linguistic categorization / R. Corrigan, F. Eckman, M. Noonan (Ed.) Amsterdam ; Philadelphia Pa : J. Benjamins, 2001 p.245-265.Accès : Voir document
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A folk model of the mind.

de D’Andrade, Roy.

Ouvrage: Cultural models in Language and Thought / D. Holland, N. Quinn (Eds.) Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1987 p.112-148.Accès : Voir document
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A Function for Cognitive Neuropsychology.

de Semenza, C; Bisiacchi, P; Rosenthal, V.

Ouvrage: Perspectives on cognitive neuropsychology / G. Denes, D. Semenza, P. Bisiacchi (Eds.) London : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1988 p.3-30.Accès : Voir document
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A Functional Analysis of the Acquisition of Oji-Cree (Severn Ojibwe).

de Hack, Jamie; Mellow, J. Dean.

Ouvrage: Papers of the Thirty-Eighth Algonquian Conference / H. C. Wolfart (Ed.) Winnipeg : University of Manitoba, 2007 p.273-288.Accès : Voir document
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A grammar of space in japanese.

de Kita, Sotaro.

Ouvrage: Grammars of space : Explorations in cognitive diversity / S.C. Levinson, D.P. Wilkins (Eds.) Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006 p.437-474.Accès : Voir document
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A lexical model of color space.

de Archibald, John.

Ouvrage: Linguistic categorization / R. Corrigan, F. Eckman, M. Noonan (Ed.) Amsterdam ; Philadelphia Pa : J. Benjamins, 1991 p.31-53.Accès : Voir document
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A longitudinal study of the acquisition of diminutives in Dutch.

de Souman, Agnita; Gillis, Steven.

Ouvrage: The acquisition of Diminutives : A cross-linguistic perspective Amsterdam : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2007 p.183-206.Accès : Voir document
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A Model of Inhibitory Mechanisms in Selective Attention.

de Houghton, George; Tipper, Steven P.

Ouvrage: Inhibitory processes in attention, memory, and language San Diego : Academic press, 1994 p.53-112.Accès : Voir document
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A Model of representational change in language acquisition.

de Karmiloff-Smith, Annette.

Ouvrage: II Euskal mundu biltzarra : Euskara eta hizkuntza naturalak eskuratu eta irakastea Vitoria-Gasteiz : Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Argitalpen, 1988 vol. 3, p. 49-62.Accès : Voir document
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A multi-component system that constructs knowledge: Insights from microgenetic study.

de Kuhn, Deanna.

Ouvrage: Microdevelopment : transition processes in development and learning / N. Granott, J. Parziale (Eds.) Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002 p.109-130.Accès : Voir document
23. Article d'ouvrage
A Narrow Representational Theory of the Mind.

de Devitt, Michael.

Ouvrage: Mind and cognition : a reader / W.G. Lycan (Eds.) Cambridge [Mass.] ; Oxford : B. Blackwell, 1991 p.371-398.Accès : Voir document
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A Neo-Piagetian Approach to the Issue of Cognitive Generality and Specificity.

de Case, Robbie.

Ouvrage: The mind's staircase : exploring the conceptual underpinnings of children's thought and knowledge / R. Case (Ed.) Hillsdale : L. Erlbaum associates, 1992 p.17-35.Accès : Voir document
25. Article d'ouvrage
A Neo-Structural Analysis of Children's Narrative and its Development.

de McKeough, Anne.

Ouvrage: The mind's staircase : exploring the conceptual underpinnings of children's thought and knowledge / R. Case (Ed.) Hillsdale : L. Erlbaum associates, 1992 p.171-188.Accès : Voir document
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A Neo-Structural Analysis of Children's Response to Instruction in the Sight-Reading of Musical Notation.

de Capodilupo, Alessandra M.

Ouvrage: The mind's staircase : exploring the conceptual underpinnings of children's thought and knowledge / R. Case (Ed.) Hillsdale : L. Erlbaum associates, 1992 p.99-115.Accès : Voir document
27. Article d'ouvrage
A neural network model of language production.

de Christie, William M.

Ouvrage: Functional approaches to language, culture and cognition : Papers in honor of Sidney M. Lamb / D.G. Lockwood, P.H. Fries, J.E. Copeland (Eds.) Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins, 2000 p.23-33.Accès : Voir document
28. Article d'ouvrage
A Nonpsychological Realist Conception of Linguistic Rules.

de Kac, Michael B.

Ouvrage: The reality of linguistic rules : [selected papers from the 21st Annual University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee linguistics symposium, Milwaukee, April 10-12, 1992] / S.D. Lima, R. L. Corrigan, G.K. Iverson (Eds.) Amsterdam : J. Benjamins, 1994 p.43-50 .Accès : Voir document
29. Article d'ouvrage
A Note on Second Language Speech Production.

de Meisel, Jurgen M.

Ouvrage: Psycholinguistic models of production / H.-W. Dechert, M. Raupach (Eds.) Norwood, New Jersey : Ablex Pub. Corp., 1987 p.83-90.Accès : Voir document
30. Article d'ouvrage
A possibility of quantum evolution of language.

de Sedlak, Wlodzimierz.

Ouvrage: The biology of language / S. Puppel (Ed.) Amsterdam : J. Benjamins, 1995 p.257-263.Accès : Voir document