Endangered Languages : Beliefs and Ideologies in Language Documentation and Revitalization : [workshop held at SOAS, University of London on 27-28 February 2009] / edited by Peter K. Austin and Julia Sallabank. - 1 vol. (XVI-429 p.) : ill., cartes. ; 25 cm.

Numéro de : "Proceedings of the British Academy", ISSN 0068-1202, n°199.

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Introduction / Peter K. Austin and Julia Sallabank (p.1) -- Part 1: Case studies: beliefs and ideologies in endangered language communities -- Paradoxes of engagement with Irish language community management, practice and ideology / Tadhg Ó Hifearnáin (p.29) -- Fluidity in language beliefs: The beliefs of the Kormakiti Maronite Arabic speakers of Cyprus towards their language / Chryso Hadjidemetriou (p.53) -- Reflections on the promotion of an endangered language: The case of Ladin women in the Dolomites (Italy) / Olimpia Rasom (p.75) -- Minority language use in Kven Communities: Language Shift or Revitalization / Anna-Kaisa Räisänen (p.97). -- Going, going, gone? The ideologies and politics of Gamilaraay-Yuwaalaraay endangerment and revitalization / Peter K. Austin (p.109) -- Language shift in an 'importing culture': The cultural logic of the Arapesh roads / Lise M. Dobrin (p.125) -- Part 2: Language documentation and revitalisation: what and why? -- Ideologies, beliefs and revitalization of Guernesiais (Guernsey) / Yan Marquis and Julia Sallabank (p.151) -- Local language ideologies and their implications for language revitalization among the Mayangna Indians of Nicaragua's multilingual Caribbean Coast region / Jane Freeland and Eloy Frank Gómez (p.167) -- Must we save the language? Children's discourse on language and community in Provençal and Scottish language revitalization movements / James Costa (p.195) -- Revitalizing the Maori language? / Jeanette King (p.213) -- What are we trying to preserve? Diversity, change, and ideology at the edge of the Cameroonian Grassfields / Pierpaolo Di Carlo and Jeff Good (p.229) -- The cost of language mobilization: Wangkatha language ideologies and Native Title / Jessica Boynton (p.263) -- Finding the languages we go looking for / Tonya N. Stebbins (p.293) -- Meeting point: Parameters for the study of revival languages / Vicki Couzens and Christina Eira (p.313) -- Part 3: From local to international: Interdisciplinary and international views -- Conflicting goals, ideologies and beliefs in the field / Lenore A. Grenoble and Simone S. Whitecloud (p.337) -- Whose ideology, where and when? Rama (Nicaragua) and Francoprovençal (France) experiences / Colette Grinevald and Michael Bert (p.355) -- UN discourse on linguistic diversity and multilingualism: actor analysis, ideological foundations and instrumental functions / Anahit Minasyan (p.385) -- Language beliefs and the management of endangered languages / Bernard Spolksy (p.407) – Languages Index (p.423) – Subject Index (p.425)

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