The Oxford handbook of religion and violence [Texte imprimé] / Handbook of religion and violence edited by Mark Juergensmeyer, Margo Kitts, and Michael Jerryson. - Oxford ; New York ; Auckland [etc] : Oxford University Press, cop. 2013. - 1 vol. (XIII-653 p.) ; 26 cm. - Oxford Handbooks .

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Introduction: The Enduring Relationship of Religion and Violence / Mark Juergensmeyer, Margo Kitts, and Michael Jerryson (p.1) -- Part I: Overview of Religious Traditions -- Violence and Nonviolence at the Heart of Hindu Ethics / Veena Das (p.15) -- Buddhist Traditions and Violence / Michael Jerryson (p.41) -- Sikh Traditions and Violence / Cynthia Keppley Mahmood (p.67) -- Religion and Violence in the Jewish Traditions / Ron Hassner and Gideon Aran (p.78) -- Religion and Violence in Christian Traditions / Lloyd Steffen (p.100) -- Muslim Engagement with Injustice and Violence / Bruce Lawrence (p.126) -- African Traditional Religion and Violence / Nathalie Wlodarczyk (p.153) -- Religion and Violence in Pacific Island Societies / Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (p.167) -- Violence in Chinese Religious Traditions / Meir Shahar (p.183) -- Part II: Patterns and Themes -- The Religious Problem of Evil / James Aho (p.199) --Sacrifice/Human Sacrifice in Religious Traditions / David Carrasco (p.209) -- Martyrdom in Islam / David Cook (p.226) -- Starvation and Self Mutilation in Religious Traditions / Liz Wilson (p.242) -- Apocalyptic Religion and Violence / Jamel Velji (p.250) -- Cosmic War in Religious Traditions / Reza Aslan (p.260) --Genocide and the Religious Imaginary in Rwanda / Christopher Taylor (p.268) -- Terrorism as Performance Violence / Mark Juergensmeyer (p.280) -- Christianity and Torture / Karen King (p.293) -- Just War and Legal Restraints / John Kelsay (p.306) -- Religiously Motivated Violence in the Abortion Debate / Julie Ingersoll (p.315) -- Conflicts over Sacred Ground / Ron E. Hassner (p.324) -- Religion and Political Violence / Monica Toft (p.332) -- Rituals of Death and Remembrance / Susumu Shimazono and Margo Kitts (p.351) -- Violent Death in Religious Imagination / Margo Kitts (p.351) -- Part III: Analytic Approaches -- Religion and Violence from a Sociological Perspective / John R. Hall (p.363) -- Religion and Violence from an Anthropological Perspective / Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p.375) -- Religion and Violence from a Psychological Perspective / James W. Jones (p.385) -- Religion and Violence from a Political Science Perspective / Daniel Philpott (p.397) -- Religion and Violence from Literary Perspectives / Margo Kitts (p.410) -- Religion and Violence from Christian Perspectives / Charles Kimball (p.424) -- Part IV: New Directions -- Sacrificial Violence: A Problem in Ancient Religions / Walter Burkert (p.437) -- Cities as One Site for Religion and Violence / Saskia Sassen (p.455) -- Armageddon in Christian, Sunni and Shi'a Traditions / Michael Sells (p.467) -- Phenomenal Violence and the Philosophy of Religion / Hent de Vries (p.496) -- The Construction of Evil and the Violence of Purification / David Frankfurter (p.521) -- Mimetic Theories of Religion and Violence / Wolfgang Palaver (p.533) -- Religion and Scarcity: A New Theory for the Role of Religion in Violence / Hector Avalos (p.554) -- Ritual, Religion, and Violence: An Evolutionary Perspective / Candance S. Alcorta and Richard Sosis (p.571) -- Divergent Modes of Religiosity and Armed Struggle / Harvey Whitehouse and Brian McQuinn (p.597) -- A Sociotheological Approach to Understanding Religious Violence / Mark Juergensmeyer and Mona Sheik (p.620) – Index (p.645)

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9780199759996 (rel) 9780190270094 (br)


Violence--Religious aspects.
Violence--Aspect religieux.
Guerre--Aspect religieux.

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