The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics - Los Angeles : SAGE, 2013. - 1 vol. (XVII-630 p.) : ill., graph. ; 25 cm.

1ère éd. en 2011.

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Introduction / Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul Kerswill (p.1) – Part 1 : History of Sociolinguistics. Ferguson and Fishman : sociolinguistics and the sociology of language / Bernard Spolsky (p.11) -- Labov : language variation and change / Kirk Hazen (p.24) -- Bernstein : codes and social class / Gabrielle Ivinson (p.40) -- Dell Hymes and the ethnography of communication / Barbara Johnstone and William M. Marcellino (p.57) --Gumperz and interactional sociolinguistics / Cynthia Gordon (p.67) – Part 2 : Sociolinguistics and Social Theory. Social stratification / Christine Mallinson (p.87) -- Social constructionism / Anthea Irwin (p.100) -- Symbolic interactionism, Erving Goffman, and sociolinguistics / Shari Kendall (p.113) -- Ethnomethodology and membership categorization analysis / Robert Garot and Tim Berard (p.125) -- The power of discourse and the discourse of power / Jose? Antonio Flores Farfa?n and Anna Holzscheiter -- Globalization theory and migration / Stef Slembrouck (p.153) -- Semiotics : interpretants, inference, and intersubjectivity / Paul Kockelman (p.165) – Part 3 : Language Variation and Change. Individuals and communities / Norma Mendoza-Denton (p.181) -- Social class / Robin Dodsworth (p.192) -- Social network / Eva Vetter (p.208) -- Sociolinguistic approaches to language change : phonology / Paul Kerswill (p.219) -- Social structure, language contact and language change / Peter Trudgill (p.236) -- Sociolinguistics and formal linguistics / Gregory R. Guy (p.249) -- Attitudes, ideology and awareness / Tore Kristiansen (p.265) -- Historical sociolinguistics / Terttu Nevalainen (p.279) -- Fieldwork methods in language variation / Walt Wolfram (p.296) – Part 4 : Interaction. Sociolinguistic potentials of face-to-face interaction / Helga Kotthoff (p.315) -- Doctor-patient communication / Florian Menz (p.330) -- Discourse and schools / Luisa Marti?n Rojo (p.345) -- Courtroom discourse / Susan Ehrlich (p.361) – Analysing conversation / Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen and Diana Slade (p.375) -- Narrative analysis / Alexandra Georgakopoulou (p.396) -- Gender and interaction / Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou (p.412) -- Interaction and the media / Brigitta Busch and Petra Pfisterer (p.428) – Part 5 : Multilinguism and contact. Societal bilingualism / Mark Sebba (p.445) -- Code-switching/mixing / Peter Auer (p.460) -- Language policy and planning / Anne-Claude Berthoud and Georges Lu?di (p.479) -- Language endangerment / Julia Sallabank (p.496) -- Global Englishes / Alastair Pennycook (p.513) – Part 6 : Applications. Forensic linguistics / Malcolm Coulthard, Tim Grant and Krzysztof Kredens (p.529) -- Language teaching and language assessment / Constant Leung (p.545) -- Guidelines for non-discriminatory language use / Marlis Hellinger (p.565) -- Language, migration and human rights / Ingrid Piller and Kimie Takahashi (p.583) -- Literacy studies / David Barton and Carmen Lee (p.598)
'A superb volume that weaves together the complex threads of sociological theory, linguistic analysis and practical application that characterise this important and influential field. The contributions offer a range and depth of coverage that is not found elsewhere. Highly recommended for all serious students of the social dimensions of language' - Ian Hutchby, Professor of Sociology, University of LeicesterThis Handbook answers a long-standing need for an up-to-date, comprehensive, international, in-depth critical survey of the history, trajectory, data, results and key figures involved in sociolinguistics. The Handbook consists of six inter-linked sections:* The History of Sociolinguistics* Sociolinguistics and Social Theory* Language, Variation and Change* Interaction* Multilingualism and Contact* ApplicationsThe result is a work of unprecedented coverage and insight. It is all here, from the foundational contributions to the field to the impact of new media, new technologies of communication, globalization, trans-border fluidities and agendas of research. The book will quickly be recognized as a benchmark in the field. It will provide a basis for reckoning its origins and pathways of development as well as an authoritative account of the central debates and research issues of today.

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