Proceedings of the Symposium on Democratic Transition in Africa, Ibadan, June 16-19, 1992 [Texte imprimé] / Democratic Transition in Africa edited by B. Caron, A. Gboyega, E. Osaghae. - Ibadan, Nigeria : CREDU, 1992. - VII-436 p. ; 22 cm. - CREDU Documents in social sciences and the humanities .

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Preface (p.vii) --
Part 1. THE INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION -- The International (and Domestic) Context of Democratic Transition in Africa: Roadblocks to Democracy / 'K AMUWO (p.3) --
Euro-African Relations since the End of the Cold War / D. C. BACH (p.29) --
Democracy at Bay: The Frustrations of African Liberals / G.K. BLUWEY (p.39) --
From Political Exclusion to Popular Participation: Democratic Transition in Niger Republic / J. IBRAHIM (p.51) --
Democratic Transition in Africa: A Case Study of Ethiopia / S.M. WOLDU (p.69) --
Part 2. DEMOCRATIC THEORY AND RATIONALE FOR TRANSITION -- Democratic Transition in Africa: A Psychological Perspective / S.T. AKINDELE, C.O. AJILA (p.83) --
Human Rights in Africa: Implications for Democratic Transition (1986-91) / S.O. AYELE (p.10) --
Institutional Framework for Democratic Transition in Africa: The Educational Imperative / K. BABARINDE, B. OGUNYEMI (p.111) --
Normative Impediments to Democratic Transition in Africa / S. KAWONISE (p.129) --
The Philosophical and ideological Foundations of the transition to Civil Rule in Nigeria / A. MOMOH (p.141) --
Political Cleavages and Transition to Democracy in Nigeria / C. OKOLOCHA (p.167) --
Part 3. THE CIVIL SOCIETY CONTEXT OF DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION -- The Constitution of Civil Society in African History and Politics. / P. EKEH (p.187) --
Managing Ethnie Conflicts under Democratic Transition in Africa: The Promise, the Failure and the Future / E.E. OSAGHAE (p.213) --
Part 4. THE MILITARY CONTEXT OF DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION -- The Nigerian Military and Leadership Succession: A Materialist Examination of the Economic Foundation of Nigeria's Third Republic / K. OBODUMU (p.237) --
The Military and Democratic Transition. An Analysis of the Transition Programme of the Babangida Administration / A.O. OWOLABI (p.257) --
Part 5. LEGAL AND INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS FOR DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION -- Legal and institutional Mechanisms for Democratic Transition / B. NWABUEZE (p.273) --
Federalism and the Transition to Democratic Governance in Nigeria / R.T. SUBERU (p.315) --
Part 6. THE ECONOMIC CONTEXT OF DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION -- The Political Economy of Democratic Transition in Nigeria, 1985-1991 / V. ADETULA (p.333) --
The Economic Bases of the Current Political Crisis in Cameroon / W.J. AWUNG (p.349) --
The Economic Context of Democratic Transition and Democracy in Africa: The Case of Nigeria / A.DAYOMI, O. ALOKAN (p.359) --
Economic Crisis and Democratisation in Africa / A. NIANDOU SOULEY (p.379) --
Part 7. THE FUTURE OF DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA BEYOND THE TRANSITION -- The Political Transition Programme and the Future of Democracy in Nigeria / S. AZIEGBE (p.389) --
The New World Order and Socio-Political Transition in Africa in the 1990's and Beyond / I.L. BASHIR (p.405) --
Democracy and Democratisation in Africa: Not Yet the Glorious Dawn / W. OLAITAN (p.423)



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Democracy--Congresses.--Africa, Sub-Saharan

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