Handbook of language and ethnic identity : the success-failure continuum in language and ethnic identity efforts, vol. 2 / edited by Joshua A. Fishman and Ofelia García. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2011 - 1 vol. (XVII-492 p.) : 24 cm

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Foreword / Joshua A. Fishman and Ofelia Garcia (p.XIX-XIX) --
Introduction --
1. Examining Contrarianism: The Success-Failure Continuum in Language and Ethnic-Identity Efforts / Joshua A. Fishman (p.2-7) -- Africa an the Middle East --
2. Afrikaans: Success or Failure? / Neville Alexander (p.11-22) --
3. Invention of Scripts in West Africa for Ethnic Revitalization / Peter Unseth (p.23-32) --
4. The Teaching of Amazigh (Berber) in Morocco / Fatima Sadiqi (p.33-44) --
5. The Promotion of Moroccan Arabic: Successes and Failures / Moja Ennaji (p.45-53) --
6. The Survival of French in Tunisian Identity / Mohamed Daoud (p.54-67) --
7. Hebrew Revivalists' Goals vis a vis the Emerging Israeli Language / Ghil'ad Zuckermann (p.68-81) --
The Americas --
8. African American language in U.S. Education and Society: A Story of Success and Failure / Django Paris and Arnetha F. Ball (p.85-95) --
9. Learning English in Puerto Rico: An Approach-Avoidance Conflict? / Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth and Timothy John Ebsworth (p.96-112) --
10. The Reforming of English Spelling / David F. Marshall (p.113-125) --
11. Sociohistorical Perspective of Quechua Language Policy and Planning in Peru / Serafín M. Coronel-Molina (p.126-136) --
12. Paradoxes of Quechua Language Revitalization in Bolivia: Back and forth Along the Success-Failure Continuum / Aurolyn Luykx (p.137-150) --
Asia --
13. North Korea's Language Revision and Some Unforeseen Consequences / Robert B. Kaplan and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. (p.153-167) --
14. Simplifying Chinese Characters: Not a Simple Matter / Shouhui Zhao and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. (p.168-179) --
15. Problems of Orthography Development for the Yi in China / David Bradley (p.180-191) --
16. Planning for Failure: English and Language Policy and Planning in Bangladesh / M. Obaidul Hamid (p.192-203) --
17. The Emergence, Role, and Future of the Malay in Singapore / Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew (p.204-217) --
18. Efforts to Vernacularize Sanskrit: Degree of Success and Failure / Mahdav M. Deshpande (p.218-229) --
19. The Political Rise of Tamil in the Dravidian Movement in South India / E. Annamalai (p.230-241) --
20. The Politics of Language and Dialect in Colonial India: The Case of Asamiya / Sipra Mukherjee (p.242-253) --
21. Plights of Persian in the Modernization Era / Maryam Borjian and Habib Borjian (p.254-267) --
22. A Pan-Turkic Dream: Language Unification of Turks / Jala Garibova (p.268-281) --
Europe --
23. Luxembourgish. A Success Story? A SmallNational Language in a Multilingual Country / Sabine Ehrhart and Fernand Fehlen (p.285-298) --
24. Bavarian: Successful Dialect or Failed Language? / Anthony Rowley (p.299-309) --
25. The Regional languages of Brittany / Michael Hornsby and Shaun Nolan (p.310-322) --
26. Success-Failure Continuum of Euskara in the Basque Country / Maria-Jose Azurmendi and Iñaki Martinez de Luna (p.323-335) --
27. The Independent Standardization of Valencian: From Official Use to Underground Resistance / Miquel Àngel Lledó (p.336-348) --
28. The Failure of German Language Advocacy among Yiddish-speaking Eastern European Jews prior to and since the Holocaust / Joshua A. Fishman (p.349-363) --
29. The Illyrian Movement: A Croatian Vision of South Slavic Unity / Marc L. Greenberg (p.364-380) --
30. Belarusian / Marián Sloboda (p.381-398) --
31. The Ukrainian-Ruthenian Success-Failure Continuum in Austrian Galicia / Anna Veronika Wendland (p.399-419) --
32. From Tornedal Finnish to Meänkieli: A Tornedalian Success Story? / Erling Wande (p.420-431) --
33. Samnorsk / Tove Bull (p.432-444) --
34. The Forgotten Model of a Separate Standard Lowland Lithuanian: Jurgis Pabreza (1771-1849) / Giedrius Subacius (p.445-457) --
Concluding thoughts --
35. The Ambiguous Arithmetic of Language Maintenance and Revitalization / Nancy C. Dorian (p.461-471) --
36. Exploring the Variables in Successes and Failures of Language and Ethnic Identity Efforts / Ofelia García (p.472-483) --
37. Dubious Arithmetic, Hugging the Center, and Never say Die! / Joshua A. Fishman Joshua A. Fishman (p.484-487).



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