The Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy edited by Keith Allan and Kasia M. Jaszczolt. - Cambridge (GB) ; New York (N.Y.) ; Melbourne [etc.] : Cambridge University press, cop. 2012 - 1 vol. (XVI-738 p.) : ill. ; 26 cm. - Cambridge Handbooks of Language and Linguistics .

Bibliogr., Index

Part I. Definition and Principles -- What is language policy? / Bernard Spolsky (p.3-15) --
History of the field: a sketch / Björn Jernudd and Jiří Nekvapil (p.16-36) --
Philosophy of language policy / Denise Réaume and Meital Pinto (p.37-58) --
Language policy, the nation and nationalism / Sue Wright (p.59-78) --
Ethnic identity and language policy / Ofelia García (p.79-99) --
Diversity and language policy for endangered languages / Julia Sallabank (p.100-123) --
Language is just a tool! On the instrumentalist approach to language / David Robichaud and Helder De Schutter (p.124-145) --
Part II. Language Policy at the Macrolevel -- Language policy at the supranational level / Fernand de Varennes (p.149-173) --
Language policy, territorialism and regional autonomy / Colin H. Williams (p.174-202) --
Colonialism and imperialism / Robert Phillipson (p.203-225) --
Language policy and management at the municipal level / Peter Backhaus (p.226-242) --
Language policy and management in service domains: brokering communication for linguistic minorities in the community / Claudia V. Angelelli (p.243-261) --
US Language policy in defense and attack / Richard Brecht and William P. Rivers (p.262-277) --
Language policy and medium of instruction in formal education / Steve L. Walter and Carol Benson (p.278-300) --
Language policy in education II: additional languages / Jasone Cenoz and Durk Gorter (p.301-319) --
Part III. Non-Governmental Domains -- Language policy in the workplace / Alexandre Duchêne and Monica Heller (p.323-334) --
Language policy and religion / Christina Bratt Paulston and Jonathan M. Watt (p.335-350) --
Language policy in the family / Stephen J. Caldas (p.351-373) --
Language policies and the Deaf community / Sherman E. Wilcox, Verena Krausneker and David F. Armstrong (p.374-395) --
Part IV. Globalization and Modernization -- Transnationalism, migration and language education policy / Kendall A. King and Adam C. Rambow (p.399-417) --
Language management agencies / John Edwards (p.418-436) --
Literacy and script reform / Florian Coulmas and Federica Guerini (p.437-460) --
Language activism and language policy / Mary Carol Combs and Susan D. Penfield (p.461-474) --
English in language policy and management / Gibson Ferguson (p.475-498) --
Part V. Regional and Thematic Issues -- National language revival movements: reflections from India, Israel, Indonesia and Ireland / Joseph Lo Bianco (p.501-522) --
Colonial and postcolonial language policies in Africa: historical and emerging landscapes / Sinfree Makoni, Busi Makoni, Ashraff Abdelhay and Pedzisai Mashiri (p.523-543) --
Indigenous language planning and policy in the Americas / Teresa McCarty (p.544-569) --
Language policy in the European Union (EU) / Ulrich Ammon (p.570-591) --
Language policy management in the former Soviet sphere / Gabrielle Hogan-Brun and Svitlana Melnyk (p.592-616) --
Language policy in Asia and the Pacific / Richard B. Baldauf, Jr and Thi Mai Hoa Nguyen (p.617-638)

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