Postcolonial Linguistic Voices : Identity Choices and Representations ed. by Eric A. Anchimbe and Stephen A. Mforteh. - Berlin : De Gruyter Mouton, 2011 - 1 vol. (XIII-365 p.) : ill. ; tabl. ; 16 x 24 cm - Contributions to the sociology of language ; 100 . - Contributions to the sociology of language ; 100. .

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Préface (p.IX-X) -- Chapter 1. Postcolonial linguistic voices: Stitching together identity choices and their representations / Eric A. Anchimbe (p.3-21) -- Chapter 2. U r ma treasure bila measure. Identity construction in Kenya’s multilingual spaces / Christiane Meierkord (p.25-50) -- Chapter 3. Gender and cultural identity in a television show in Botswana / Sibonile Edith Ellece (p.51-76) -- Chapter 4. The English language and the construction of a Cameroon anglophone identity / Eric A. Anchimbe (p.77-96) -- Chapter 5. Nation-statehood and linguistic diversity in the postcolony: The case of Portuguese and indigenous languages in Mozambique / Gregório Firmino (p99-117.) -- Chapter 6. The emergence of an indigenous language as lingua franca: The case of Luganda in Uganda / Jude Ssempuuma (p.119-142) -- Chapter 7. Roles and identities in postcolonial political discourse in Cameroon / Stephen A. Mforteh (p.143-164) -- Chapter 8. Contesting the sacred in Tamil: Missionary translations and Protestant scriptures in colonial South India / Hephzibah Israel (p.167-182) -- Chapter 9. What mental images reveal about religious lexemes in Yoruba and English in present-day Nigerian churches / Folorunso Odidiomo (p.183-200) -- Chapter 10. Foreign culture lexicography and beyond: Perspectives from the history of Igbo lexicography / Chinedu Uchechukwu (p.201-212) -- Chapter 11. Lexical gap, semantic incongruence, and the medium-of-learning effect: Evidence from Chinese-English code-switching in Hong Kong and Taiwan / David C.S. Li (p.215-239) -- Chapter 12. Lamnso’ English: A study in ethnic variation in Cameroon English / Bonaventure M. Sala (p.241-261) -- Chapter 13. Postcolonial continuities in Danish monolingual dictionaries: Towards a critical postcolonial linguistics / Antje Lann Hornscheidt (p.265-298) -- Chapter 14. Cape Verdean Creole in Lisbon: The young generation’s perspective / Christina Märzhäuser (p.299-321) -- Chapter 15. Code-switching among Igbo-Nigerian immigrants in Padua (Italy) / Francesco Goglia (p.323-342) -- Chapter 16. Meeting of the exs: The ex-colonised meets the ex-coloniser / Stephen A. Mforteh (p.345-350)



Multilingual persons--Social conditions.
Anthropological linguistics.
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