The Assembly of listeners : Jains in society edited by Michael Carrithers, Caroline Humphrey. - Cambridge ; New York ; Port Chester : Cambridge University Press, 1991. - 1 vol. (XIII-328 p.) : tabl., photogr. ; 23 cm.

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Acknowledgements / Michael Carrithers and Caroline Humphrey (p.XII-XII) -- Introduction / Michael Carrithers and Caroline Humphrey (p.1-4) -- Jains as a community: a position paper / Michael Carrithers and Caroline Humphrey (p.5-12) -- Part I. Jain Ideals and Jain Identity: 2. Jain ideals and Jain identity / Michael Carrithers (p.15-17) -- 3. Somadeva Suri and the question of Jain identity / Mukund Lath (p.19- 30) -- 4. The role of the layman according to the jain canon / K.R. Norman (p.31-39) -- 5. Women and the reproduction of the Jain community / Josephine Reynell (p.41-65) / Part II. Local Jain Communities: 6. Local Jain communities / Caroline Humphrey (p.69-73) -- 7. The Jain merchant castes of Rajasthan: some aspects of the management of social identity in a market town / Christine M. Cottam Ellis (p.75-107) -- 8. Jain shopkeepers and moneylenders: rural informal credit networks in south Rajasthan / J. Howard M. Jones (p.109-138) -- 9. A study of Jains in a Rajasthan town / N.K. Singhi (p.139-161) -- Part III. Jains In The Indian World: 10. Jains in the Indian world / Michael Carrithers (p.165-168) -- 11. The Digambara Jain warrior / Paul Dundas (p.169-186) -- 12. Is there a popular Jainism? / Padmanabh Jaini (p.187-199) -- 13. Fairs and miracles: at the boundaries of the Jain community in Rajasthan / Caroline Humphrey (p.201-225) -- Part IV. New Jain Institutions In India and Beyond: 14. New Jain institutions in India and beyond / Caroline Humphrey (p.229-232) -- 15. Reform movements among Jains in modern India / Vilas Sangave (p.233-240) -- 16. Orthodoxy and dissent: varieties of religious belief among immigrant Gujarati Jains in Britain / Marcus J. Banks (p.241-259) -- 17. The foundations of community among southern Digambar Jains: an essay on rhetoric and experience / Michael Carrithers (p.261-286) -- Conclusion / Michael Carrithers and Caroline Humphrey (p.287-294)



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