Anthropologies of Guayana cultural spaces in northeastern Amazonia / [Texte imprimé] : edited by Neil L. Whitehead and Stephanie W. Alemán. - Tucson : University of Arizona Press, cop. 2009. - 1 vol. (VIII-300 p.) : ill., cartes, jaquette ill. ; 25 cm. - Native peoples of the Americas .

Bibliogr. p. 255-288. Index.

Series Foreword / Laurie Weinstein (VII-VIII) --
Guayana as Anthropological Imaginary: Elements of a History / Neil L. Whitehead (1-20) --
Pleistocene-Early Holocene Environmental Change: Implications for Human Adaptive Responses in the Guianas / Mark G. Plew (23-35) --
Between Orinoco and Amazon: The Ceramic Age in the Guianas / Stéphen Rostaín (36-54) --
Points of Convergence-Routes of Divergence: Some Considerations Based on Curt Nimuendajù's Archaeological Work in the Santarém-Trombetas Area and at Amapa / Per Stenborg (55-73) --
Scientific Forestry and Degraded Forests: The Story of Guiana Shield Forests / Janette Bulkan and John Palmer (74-89) --
Individual and Society in Guiana Revisited / Peter Rivière (93-101) --
The Guayanese Paradox / Denise Fajardo Grupíoní (102-112) --
Imagining Group, Living Territory: A Kali'na and Wayana View of History / Gérard Collomb and Francís Dupuy (113-123) --
Historical Perspectives on Areruya Communicative Ideology / Susan K. Staats (124-134) --
Tongues in Space: Pa'ikwené (Palikur) Langages(s), Relatedness, Identy / Alan Passes (135-144) --
Guyana's Amerindians, Postindependence Identity Politics, and National Discourse / Maria del Carmen Moreno (145-153) --
Ethnopolitics and Fractured Nationalism in Guyana / David Hinds (154-166) --
Postcolonial Policing and the Subculture of Violence in Guyana / Joan Mars (167-182) --
Guyana as a Literary and Imaginative Space / Lúcía Sá (185-193) --
Inhabiting the Imagined Space: Constructing Waiwai Identity in the Deep South of Guyana / Stephanie W. Alemán (194-206) --
Metaphoric Detours and Improper Translations in the Double Fíeld of Waíwaí Anthropology / Evelyn Schuler Zea (207-221) --
Cultivating a "Culture": Wajãpi Inventions / Dominique Tilkin Gallois (222-234) --
Angles of Vision from the Coast and Hinterland of Guyana / Alissa Trotz and Terry Roopnaraine (235-253)

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Indiens d'Amérique--Histoire.--Guyane
Indiens d'Amérique--Moeurs et coutumes.--Guyane
Sites archéologiques--Guyane.
Indians of South America--History.--Guiana
Indians of South America--Social life and customs.--Guiana
Indigenous peoples--Ecology--Guiana.
Excavations (Archaeology)--Guiana.