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245 4 _aThe Oxford handbook of developmental linguistics /
_cedited by Jeffrey Lidz, William Snyder, and Joe Pater.
246 1 3 _aDevelopmental linguistics
250 _aFirst publisher in paperback 2019.
264 1 _aOxford :
_bOxford University Press,
300 _a1 vol. (xxi-1005 p.) :
_bcouv. ill. en coul. ;
_c26 cm.
490 1 _aOxford handbooks in linguistics
504 _aBibliogr. p.[817]-961. Index.
520 _aIn this handbook, renowned scholars from a range of backgrounds provide a state of the art review of key developmental findings in language acquisition. The book places language acquisition phenomena in a richly linguistic and comparative context, highlighting the link between linguistic theory, language development, and theories of learning. The book is divided into six parts. Parts I and II examine the acquisition of phonology and morphology respectively, with chapters covering topics such as phonotactics and syllable structure, prosodic phenomena, compound word formation, and processing continuous speech. Part III moves on to the acquisition of syntax, including argument structure, questions, mood alternations, and possessives. In Part IV, chapters consider semantic aspects of language acquisition, including the expression of genericity, quantification, and scalar implicature. Finally, Parts V and VI look at theories of learning and aspects of atypical language development respectively
650 7 _aAcquisition du langage.
650 7 _aLinguistique.
650 _aLanguage acquisition.
650 _aLinguistics.
700 1 _aLidz, Jeffrey.
_eÉditeur scientifique
700 1 _aSnyder, William
_eÉditeur scientifique
700 1 _aPater, Joe.
_eÉditeur scientifique
776 _tThe Oxford handbook of developmental linguistics / edited by Jeffrey Lidz, William Snyder, and Joe Pater
_d[Oxford] : Oxford University Press, 2016. (@Oxford Handbooks Online)
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