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245 _aMaking climate change history :
_bprimary sources from global warming's past /
_cedited by Joshua P. Howe.
264 1 _aSeattle :
_bUniversity of Washington Press,
300 _a1 vol. (xvi-340 p.) :
_bill. ;
_c23 cm.
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338 _bnga
490 1 _aWeyerhaeuser environmental classics
504 _aNotes bibliogr. Index.
520 _a"Making Climate Change History is a short, user-friendly collection of primary sources selected from the most important--and often the most overlooked--documents in the scientific and political history of anthropogenic climate change. It provides students, teachers, researchers and interested readers with the raw materials with which to construct a narrative of climate change in the twentieth century. It also provides a framework for developing historians to learn to work with a diverse array of primary sources, including scientific articles. This reader also makes its own case for how the stakes of conversations about climate change have become increasingly clear over time in terms of causes and consequences, and argues for the relevance of history to building just, equitable and effective strategies for dealing with the climatic challenges of the future"--Provided by publisher
650 7 _aRéchauffement de la Terre
650 7 _aClimat
650 _aGlobal warming
650 _aClimatic changes
650 _aNature
_xEffect of human beings on
650 _aClimate change mitigation
700 1 _aHowe, Joshua P..
_eÉditeur scientifique
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