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082 _a294.513
245 _aNepalis inside and outside Nepal
_h[Texte imprimé] /
_cedited by Hiroshi Ishii, David N. Gellner, Katsuo Nawa.
260 _aNew Delhi :
300 _a1 vol. (xvii-543 p.) :
_bill. ;
_c23 cm.
490 _aSocial dynamics in northern South Asia ;
_vvol. 1
490 1 _aJapanese studies on South Asia
504 _aNotes bibliographiques. Index. Glossaires.
520 _aActes du congrès "The Dynamics of social and political change in Nepal", qui s'est tenu à Tokyo, Japon, en 2004
559 1 _bPt. 1. Urbanization, ethnicity and occupation
_c1. Urbanization and change in Pokhara, Nepal / Jagannath Adhikari
_c2. Occupational change among the Gaines of Pokhara City / Biswo Kallyan Parajuli
_cChanging environments, society and culture: case studies of some Daits and Kumals in Pokhara Valley / Ram B. Chjhetri
_c4. The Sukumbasi transformation from communitas to community: the birth and death of proto-charisma among squatters in Pokhara, Nepal / Yuji Yamamoto
_bPt. 2. Marriage, kinship and transformation of intimacy
_c5. Abduction, elopement, and incest in Khas Society / Hayami Yasuno
_c6. I don't mind being born a woman; the status and agency of women in Yolmo, Nepal / Seika Sato
_c7. Parental wisdom vs. youthful romance: getting married in two Nepali communities / Sarah LeVine
_c8. Laments for unfortunate marriages: domestic violence in the Nepali context / Makiko Habazaki
_c9. Drug users of Dharan: aspects of marginalization / Khusiyali Subba
_c10. Learning to be silent: change, childhood, and mental health in the Maoist insurgency in Nepal / Judith Pettigrew
_bPt. 3. Transnational links inside and outside Nepal
_c11. The development of local entrepreneurship: a case study of tourist area, Thamel in Kathnamdu / Izumi Morimoto
_c12. Re-examining transnationalism from below and transnationalism from above: British Gurkas' life strategies and the brigade of Gurkhas employment policies / Taeko Uesugi
_c13. Bowling together: social networks and social capital of a Nepali migrant community in Japan / Keiko Yamanaka
_c14. From Tika to Kata? ethnic movements among the Magars in an Age of Globalization
_bPt. 4. Nepal as viewed from the Indian Himalayas
_c15. Issues, activism, and responses to research in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas: a comparison
650 7 _aUrbanisation
_xActes de congrès.
650 7 _aChangement social
_xActes de congrès.
650 7 _aCollectivités locales
_xActes de congrès.
650 7 _aNépalais
_xActes de congrès.
650 _aNepalese
_xSocial life and customs.
650 _aNepalese
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_aSociété, modes de vie
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_aEtude socioculturelle
695 _960135
_aDéveloppement économique
695 _959528
_aChangement social
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_aRelations sociales
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