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1. Article d'ouvrage '3 punishments for 3 mistakes' : negotiating between courts, police, and mediation in family law and family violence.

de Basu, Srimati.

Ouvrage: Regimes of legality : ethnography of criminal cases in South Asia / edited by Daniela Berti and Devika Bordia.- New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2015, p. [27]-51.Accès : Voir document
2. Article d'ouvrage An Attempted assassination of a journalist : rethinking periodization in Nepali journalism historiography.

de Maharjan, Harsha Man.

Ouvrage: Ruptures and repairs in South Asia: historical perspectives / edited by Yogesh Raj Kathmandu : Martin Chautari, 2013 p.103-121.Accès : Voir document
3. Article d'ouvrage Crimelore.

de Dorson, Richard M. Aut.

Ouvrage: Land of Millrats, Cambridge : Havard University Press, 1981 Chap. 5, p.213-231. Accès :
4. Article d'ouvrage Locating violence in Nepali politics.

de Gautam, Bhaskar.

Ouvrage: Ruptures and repairs in South Asia: historical perspectives / edited by Yogesh Raj Kathmandu : Martin Chautari, 2013 p.77-102.Accès : Voir document
5. Article d'ouvrage Nature reserves, national politics and local resistance : why the Lepchas from the Dzongu reserve in Sikkim starve themselves to death for their motherland.

de Steinmann, Brigitte.

Ouvrage: Territorial changes and territorial restructurings in the Himalayas / edited by Joëlle Smadja.- New Delhi : Adroit, 2013 - p. [247]-267.Accès : Voir document
6. Article d'ouvrage Options for peace building in Nepal.

de Karki, Arjun; Kattel, Mukunda.

Ouvrage: Nepal in conflict: theoretical underpinnings, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and peace-building / editors Kailash Pyakuryal, Kathryn March, Bipin Acharya.- Kathmandu : Sociological and Anthropological Society of Nepal (SASON), 2007, p. 160-180.Accès : Voir document
7. Article d'ouvrage Women and children last : The effect of the Maoist insurgency on gender-based violence.

de Crawford, Mary; Kaufman, Michelle R; Gurung, Alka.

Ouvrage: Contentious politics and democratization in Nepal / M. Lawoti (Ed.) Los Angeles : Sage Publ., 2007 p.95-119.Accès : Voir document
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