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1. Ouvrage Building the Sherpas' new present in the age of globalization : the construction of a novel tradition as well as a collective Sherpa identity in a new place through the performance of Tibetan Buddhist ritual celebrations: a close look at the present revitalisation of Sherpa Buddhism, culture, and society.

de Berg, Eberhard.

Édition : Lumbini : Lumbini International Research Institute, 2011 Accès : Disponible à : CEH [BERG] (1).
2. Article d'ouvrage Dumji and Zhindak : Local festival performance and patronage as a crucial source of Sherpa identity.

de Berg, Eberhard; Sihlé, Nicolas.

Ouvrage: Ethnic revival and religious turmoil : Identities and representations in the Himalayas / M. Lecomte Tilouine, P. Dollfus (Eds) Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2003 p.205-226.Accès : Voir document
3. Article de périodique On local festival performance : The Sherpa Dumji in a world of dramatically increasing uncertainties.

de Berg, Eberhard.

Périodique: European Bulletin of Himalayan Research Aut. 2003 - Print. 2004 n°25/26, p.168-203.Accès : Voir document
4. Article de périodique Pilgrimage to Uomi Tsho.

de Berg, Eberhard.

Périodique: Himalayan Research Bulletin 1998 vol.18, n°1, p.19-34.Accès : Voir document
5. Article d'ouvrage Sherpa Buddhists on a regional pilgrimage : The case of Maratika cave at Halase.

de Berg, Eberhard.

Ouvrage: Occasional papers in sociology and anthropology Kathmandu : Tribhuvan University, 1994 vol.4, p.124-145.Accès : Voir document
6. Ouvrage The Sherpa Dumji masked dance festival : an ethnographic description of the 'great liturgical performance' as celebrated annually according to the tradition of the Lamaserwa clan in the village temple of Gonpa Zhung, Solu.

de Berg, Eberhard Auteur.

Édition : Bhairahawa, Dist. Rupandehi, Nepal : Lumbini International Research Institute, 2008. Accès : Disponible à : CEH [BERG] (1).
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