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1. Ouvrage Empowering the Disempowered Tenant Farmers : a Study of the Impact of People - centered Advocacy for Land Tenancy Rights in Nepal.

de Pathak, Krishna; Sharma, Nisha Tiwari; Uprety, Laya Prasad. Community Self Reliance Centre (Kathmandu, Nepal).

Édition : [Kathmandu] : Community Self Reliance Center, 2009. Accès : Disponible à : CEH [PATH] (1).
2. Série Fodder situation : An ecological - anthropological study of Machhegaon, Nepal.

de Uprety, Laya Prasad.

Édition : Kathmandu : USAID, 1986. Accès : Disponible à : CEH [524] (2).
3. Ouvrage Irrigation in transition : interacting with internal and external factors and setting the strategic actions : Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar Held on 6-7 November 2006, Kathmandu, Nepal; .

de Pradhan, Prachanda; Uprety, Laya Prasad; Nath Parajuli, Umesh; Gautam, Upendra. Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems Promotion Trust (Kathmandu, Nepal)International Seminar (4th : 2007 : Kathmandu, Nepal).

Édition : Kathmandu : Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems Promotion Trust, 2007. Accès : Disponible à : CEH [PRAD] (1).
4. Article d'ouvrage Managing water for irrigation as a common property resource : A proposal for the ethnographic study of irrigators in anthropology.

de Uprety, Laya Prasad.

Ouvrage: Farmer managed irrigation systems in the changed context / P. Pradhan, U. Gautam (Eds.) Kathmandu : Farmer managed irrigation systems promotion trust, 2002 p.282-304.Accès : Voir document
5. Ouvrage Readings in anthropology and sociology of Nepal : proceedings of SASON Silver Jubilee Conference held on june 2-3, 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal.

de Uprety, Laya Prasad; Acharya, Bipin Kumar; Dahal, Dilli R. Sociological/Anthropological Society of Nepal (SASON).

Édition : Kathmandu : Sociology/Anthropology Society of Nepal (SASON), 2012 Accès : Disponible à : CEH [CONG KATH 2012] (1).
6. Série Seasonal agriculture labour migration from India to the Nepal Tarai.

de Mishra, Chaitanya; Uprety, Laya Prasad; Panday, Tulsi Ram.

Édition : Kirtipur : Centre for Nepal & Asian Studies, 2000. Accès : Disponible à : CEH [613] (1).
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