Ethnicity and federalisation in Nepal / editors Chaitanya Mishra, Om Gurung. - Kathmandu : Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, 2012, cop. 2012 - 1 vol. (III-360 p.) : ill., cartes ; 25 cm

Articles présentés lors du Symposium sur : Ethnicity and Federalization in Nepal organisé par the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, du 22-25 Avril 2011. Les deux derniers articles sont en Népalais.


1. Ethno-nationalism and Building National States in south Asia: Towards Federalisation / T.K. Oommen (p.6) -- 2. Political Integration and Multiculturalism in Democratic Societies: The Case of Muslims in Naya Nepal / Bandita Sijapati (p.17) -- 3. Federalising back to the Baise Chaubise days: An Anthropological Perspective on Ethnicity as the basis for state Restructuring in Nepal / Bihari Krishna Shrestha (p.37) -- 4. Ethnic Upsurge in Nepal: Implications for Federalization / Chaitanya Mishra (p.58) -- 5. Fluidity, Hybridity, Performativity: How Relevant are Social-Scientific Buzzwords for Nepal's Constitution-Building / David N. Gellner (p.91) -- 6. Cultural Rights in the Residues of an Irreversible History / David Holmberg (p.103) -- 7. Reification and Plasticity in Nepalese Ethnicity / James F. Fisher (p.116) -- 8. Caste and Ethnicity: Socio-Logics and Implications for a Federal States of Nepal / John Gray (p.124) -- 9. Indigenous People's Right to Self-Determination in Nepal / Krishna Bhattachan (p.139) -- 10. Making Federalism Work: Promoting societal and institutional congruence and balancing centripetal and centrifugal tendencies / Mahendra Lawoti (p.166) -- 11. Standing for, acting for and the challenges of popular representation / Neil Webster (p.182) --12. Evolution of Indigeneity, ldentity and Autonomy in Federal Nepal / Om Gurung (p.193) -- 13. Some Thoughts on the Bases for Federalization in Nepal: Ethnicity, Natural Resources, or ... ? / Ram Bahadur Chhetri (p.210) -- 14. Restructuring the State, Restructuring Ethnicity: Situating Nepal in Contemporary Social Scientific Debates / Sara Shneiderman (p.224) -- 15. The Discourse on Federalism in Nepal / Sangeeta Thapaliyal (p.238) -- 16. Quest of the Federal State: Understanding Issues of Social Diversity and Difference / Tutsi Ram Pandey (p.251) -- 17. Federalization and Dalits: Aspirations and Suspicions / Yam Bahadur Kisan (p.276) --18. [Sâghiyatama dalitaharuko apananba hune bikalpa : gaïrabhaugolika saghiyata] (p.300) -- 19. [Accajatiya haikama, alpasakhyakata ra pahicanajanita saghiyata] (p.325)

Includes 2 papers in Nepali.



Ethnicity--Political aspects--Nepal--Congresses.
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