The Oxford handbook of corpus phonology edited by Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen. - Oxford : University Press, 2014. - 1 vol. (XVI-662 p.) : ill. ; 26 cm. - Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics .

Bibliogr., Index

Introduction / Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen (p.1) -- Part I: Phonological Corpora: Design, Compilation, and Exploitation -- Corpus Design / Ulrike Gut and Holger Voorman (p.13) -- Data Collection / Bruce Birch (p.27) -- Corpus Annotation: Methodology and Transcription Systems / Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Brechtje Post (p.46) -- On Automatic Phonological Transcription of Speech Corpora / Helmer Strik and Catia Cucchiarini (p89) -- Statistical Corpus Exploitation / Hermann Moisl (p.110) -- Corpus Archiving and Dissemination / Peter Wittenburg, Paul Trilsbeek, and Florian Wittenburg (p.133) -- Metadata Formats / Daan Broeder and Dieter van Uytyanck (p.150) -- Data Formats for Phonological Corpora / Laurent Romary and Andreas Witt (p.166) -- Part II: Applications -- Corpus and Research in Phonetics and Phonology: Methodological and Formal Considerations / Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Hijon Yoo (p.193) -- A Corpus-Based Study of Apicalization of /s/ before /l/ in Oslo Norwegian / Gjert Kristoffersen and Hanne Gram Simonsen (p.214) -- Corpora, Variation, and Phonology: An Illustration from French Liaison / Jacques Durand (p.240) -- Corpus-Based Investigations of Child Phonological Development: Formal and Practical Considerations / Yvan Rose (p.265) --Second Language Acquisition / Ulrike Gut (p.286) -- Part III: Tools and Methods -- ELAN: Multimedia Annotation Application / Hans Sloetjes (p.305) -- EMU / Tina John and Lasse Bombien (p.321) -- The use of Praat in corpus research / Paul Boersma (p.342) -- Praat Scripting / Caren Brinckmann (p.361) -- The PhonBank Project: Data and Software-Assisted Methods for the Study of Phonology and Phonological Development / Yvan Rose and Brian McWhinney (p.380) -- EXMARaLDA / Thomas Schmidt and Kai Wörner (p.402) -- ANVIL: The Video Annotation Research Tool / Michael Kipp (p.420) -- Web-Based Archiving and Sharing of Phonological Corpora / Atanas Tchobanov (p.437) -- Part IV: Corpora -- The IViE Corpus / Francis Nolan and Brechtje Post (p.475) -- French Phonology from a Corpus Perspective: The PFC Programme / Jacques Durand, Bernard Laks, and Chantal Lyche (p.486) -- Two Norwegian Speech Corpora: No Ta-Oslo and TAUS / Kristin Hagen and Hanne Gram Simonsen (p.498) -- The LeaP Corpus / Ulrike Gut (p.509) -- The Diachronic Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English: Annotation Practices and Dissemination Strategies / Joan Beal, Karen Corrigan, Adam Mearns, and Hermann Moisl (p.517) -- The LANCHART Corpus / Frans Gregersen, Marie Maegaard, and Nicolai Pharao (p.534) -- Phonological and Phonetic Databases at the Meertens Institute / Marc van Oostendorp (p.546) -- The VALIBEL Speech Database / Anne Catherine Simon, Michel Francard and Philippe Hambye (p.552) -- Prosody and discourse in the Australian Map Task Corpus / Janet Fletcher and Lesley Stirling (p.562) --: A Phonological Corpus of L1 Acquistion of Taiwan Southern Min / Jane Tsay (p.576) – References (p.589) – Index (p.639)



Corpora (Linguistics)
Grammar, Comparative and general--Phonology.
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