Diachronic and typological perspectives on verbs - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins, cop. 2013. - 1 vol. (VIII-443 p.) ; 25 cm. - Studies in Language Companion Series ; 134 .

Bibliogr., Index

Introduction / Ingmar Söhrman and Folke Josephson (p.1-12) -- On tense and mood in conditional clauses from Early to Late Latin / Gerd V.M. Haverling (p.13-56) -- The fate of the subjunctive in late Middle Persian / Judith Josephson (p.57-78) -- The negated imperative in Russian and other Slavic languages: Aspectual and modal meanings / Nadezhda Zorikhina Nilsson (p.79-106) -- Grammaticalisation of verbs into temporal and modal markers in Australian languages / William B. McGregor (p.107-132) -- Aspect and tense in counterfactual main clauses: Fake or real? / Atle Grønn (p.133-158) -- On non-canonical modal clause junction in Turkic / Lars Johanson (p.159-171) -- Reference, aspectuality and modality in ante-preterit (pluperfect) in Romance languages / Ingmar Söhrman (p.173-209) -- Subjects and objects with Latin habere and some of its Romance descendants / Birte Stengaard (p.211-221) -- Diachrony and typology in the history of Cree (Algonquian, Algic) / Peter Bakker (p.223-259) -- Typological change in Vedic: The development of the Aorist from a perfective past to an immediate past / Eystein Dahl (p.261-298) -- On the evolution of verbal aspect in insular Celtic / Ailbhe Ó Corráin (p.299-327) -- The anticausative and related categories in the Old Germanic languages / Kjartan G. Ottósson (p.329-381) -- Directionality, case and actionality in Hittite / Folke Josephson (p.383-409) -- The case of unaccusatives in Classical Portuguese / Kristine Gunn Eide (p.411-423) -- Some historical developments of the verb in Neo-Aramaic / Geoffrey Khan (p.425-434) -- Contributors (p.435) -- Index (p.437-443)

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