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The Oxford Handbook of Language Evolution - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2012. - 1 vol. (XXV-763 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm. - Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics .

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Introduction: The evolution of language / Maggie Tallerman and Kathleen R. Gibson (p.1-35) -- Introduction to Part 1: Insights from comparative animal behavior / Kathleen R. Gibson and Maggie Tallerman (p.39-45) -- Language or Protolanguage? A review of the ape language literature / Kathleen R. Gibson (p.46-58) -- Primate Social Cognition as a Precursor to Language / Robert M. Seyfarth and Dorothy L. Cheney (p.59-70) -- Cooperative Breeding and the Evolution of Vocal Flexibility / Klaus Zuberbuhler (p.71-81) -- Gesture as the Most Flexible Modality of Primate Communication / Frans B. M. de Waal and Amy S. Pollick (p.82-89) -- Have we Underestimated Great Ape Vocal Capacities? / Katie Slocombe (p.90-95) -- Bird Song and Language / Peter Slater (p.96-101) -- Vocal Communication and Cognition in Cetaceans / Vincent M. Janik (p.102-108) – Evolution of Communication and Language: Insights from parrots and songbirds / Irene M. Pepperberg (p.109-119) -- Are Other Animals as Smart as Great Apes? Do Others Provide Better Models for the Evolution of Speech or Language? Kathleen R. Gibson (p.120-130) -- Introduction to Part 2: The Biology of Language Evolution: Anatomy, genetics, and neurology / Kathleen R. Gibson and Maggie Tallerman (p.133-142) -- Innateness and Human Language: A biological perspective / W. Tecumseh Fitch (p.143-156) -- Evolutionary Biological Foundations of the Origin of Language: The co-evolution of language and brain / Szabolcs Szamado and Eors Szathmary (p.157-167) -- Genetic Influences on Languaeg Evolution: An evaluation of the evidence / Karl C. Diller and Rebecca L. Cann (p.168-175) -- Not the Neocortex Alone: Other brain structures also contribute to speech and language / Kathleen R. Gibson (p.176-179) -- The Mimetic Origins of Language / Merlin Donald (p.180-183) -- Evolution of Behavioural and Brain Asymmetries in Primates / William D. Hopkins and Jacques Vauclair (p.184-197) -- Toward an Evolutionary Biology of Language Through Comparative Neuroanatomy / Wendy K. Wilkins (p.198-206) -- Mirror Systems: Evolving imitation and the bridge from praxis to language / Michael A. Arbib (p.207-215) -- Cognitive Prerequisites for the Evolution of Indirect Speech / Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn (p.216-223) -- The Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Human Speech production: Adaptations and exaptations / Ann MacLarnon (p.224-235) -- Introduction to Part 3: The pre-history of Language: When and why did language evolve? / Kathleen R. Gibson and Maggie Tallerman (p.239-249) -- Molecular Perspectives on Human Evolution / Rebecca L. Cann (p.250-257) -- The Fossil Record: Evidence for speech in early hominins / Bernard A. Wood and Amy L. Bauernfeind (p.258-272) -- The Genus Homo and the Origins of 'Humanness' / Alan Mann (p.273-281) -- The Palaeolithic Record / Thomas Wynn (p.282-295) -- Musicality and Language / Steven Mithen (p.296-298) -- Linguistic Implications of the Earliest Personal Ornaments / Francesco d'Errico and Marian Vanhaeren (p.299-302) -- Inferring Modern Language From Ancient Objects / Rudolf Botha (p.303-312) -- Natural Selection-it is / David Lightfoot (p.313-317) -- The Role of Honimim Mothers and Infants in Prelinguistic Evolution / Dean Falk (p.318-321) -- Infant-directed Speech and Language Evolution / Bart de Boer (p.322-327) -- Displays of Vocal and Verbal Complexity: A fitness account of language, situated in development / John L. Locke (p.328-339) -- Tool-dependent Foraging Strategies and the Origin of Language / Kathleen R. Gibson (p.340-342) -- Gossip and the Social Origins of Language / Robin I. M. Dunbar (p.343-345) -- Social Conditions for the Evolutionary Emergence of Language / Chris Knight and Camilla Power (p.346-349) -- Introduction to Part 4: Launching Language: The development of a linguistic species / Maggie Tallerman and Kathleen R. Gibson (p.353-360) -- The Role of Evolution in Shaping the Human Language Faculty / Stephen R. Anderson (p.361-369) -- The Origins of Meaning / James R. Hurford (p.370-381) -- The Origins of Language in Manual Gestures / Michael C. Corballis (p.382-386) -- From Sensorimotor Categories and Pantomime to Grounded Symbols and Propositions / Stevan Harnad (p.387-392) -- The Symbol Concept / Terrence W. Deacon (p.393-405) -- Words Came First: Adaptations for word-learning / Robbins Burling (p.406-416) -- The Emergence of Phonetic Form / Michael Studdert-Kennedy (p.417-422) -- The Evolution of Phonology / Peter F. MacNeilage (p.423-434) -- The Evolution of Morphology / Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy (p.435-441) -- What is Syntax? / Maggie Tallerman (p.442-455) -- The Origins of Syntactic Language / Derek Bickerton (p.456-468) -- The Evolutionary Relevance of More and Less Complex Forms of Language / Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy (p.469-478) -- Protolanguage, Maggie Tallerman (p.479-491) -- The Emergence of Language, From a Biolinguistic Point of View / Cedric Boeckx (p.492-501) -- Introduction to Part 5: Language Change, Creation, and Transmission in modern humans / Maggie Tallerman and Kathleen R. Gibson (p.505-511) -- Grammaticalization Theory as a Tool for Reconstructing Language Evolution / Bernd Heine and Tania Kuteva (p.512-527) -- Domain-general Processes as the Basis for Grammar / Joan Bybee (p.528-536) -- Pidgins, Creoles, and the Creation of Language / Paul T. Roberge (p.537-544) -- What Modern-day Gesture can tell us About Language Evolution / Susan Goldin-Meadow (p.545-557) -- Monogenesis or Polygenesis: A single ancestral language for all humanity? / Johanna Nichols (p.558-572) -- Prehistoric Population Contact and Language Change / Brigitte Pakendorf (p.573-580) -- Why Formal Models are Useful for Evolutionary Linguists / Kenny Smith (p.581-588) -- Language is an Adaptive System: The role of cultural evolution in the origins of structure / Simon Kirby (p.589-604) -- Robotics and Embodied Agents Modelling of the Evolution of Language / Angelo Cangelosi (p.605-611) -- Self-organization and Language Evolution / Bart de Boer (p.612-620) -- Statistical Learning and Language Acquisition / Katharing Graf Estes (p.621-625) -- A Solution of the Logical Problem of Language Evolution: Language as an adaptation to the human brain / Nick Chater and Morten H. Christiansen (p.626-639)



Historical linguistics.
Linguistic change.
Anthropological linguistics.
Language and languages--Origin.
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