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Space and time in language [Texte imprimé] / Mario Brdar, Marija Omazić, Višnja Pavičić Takač ... [et al.]. - Frankfurt am Main ; Berlin ; Bern : P. Lang, cop. 2011. - 1 vol. (XII-371 p.) : fig. ; 21 cm.

Notes bibliogr.

Introduction / Mario Brdar, Marija Omazic, Visnja Pavicic-Takac, Tanja Gradecak-Erdeljic, and Gabrijela Buljan (p.VII-XII) -- Spatial time in the West and the East / Günter Radden (p.1-40) -- Spatial and temporal relations in the conceptual metaphor. Events Are Things / Tanja Gradecak-Erdeljic (p.41-54) -- A corpus-based analysis of metaphors motivated by the spatial meaning of the Croatian lexeme daleko (‘far(away)’) / Anuska Stambuk (p.55-68) -- The spatial relations of color: Linguistic categorization of Light-Dark and Near-Far / Jodi L. Sandford (p.69-78) -- Morphosemantic fields in the building of the Croatian WordNet: The Verbs Of Movement / Daniela Katunar and Kresimir Sojat (p.79-89) -- Where is o: Croatian prepositions as vectors / Marija Brala-Vukanovic (p.91-112) -- Spatial deictic elements in Italian and Croatian / Vesna Dezeljin (p.113-126) -- Successive prepositions in Croatian as translational equivalents of Turkish semi-postpositions: ungrammaticality or necessity? / Barbara Kerovec (p.127-144) -- Centrality of space in the strategic construal of up in English particle verbs / Renata Geld and Stela Letica Krevelj (p.145-166) -- Space, spatiality and spatial relations in Croatian as a second and foreign language / Marica Cilas Mikulic and Sanda Lucija Udier (p.167-182) -- The metaphorization of space in speech and gesture / Bogdanka Pavelin Lesic (p.183-200) -- Waltzing and snaking through physical space: English denominal verb conversions on the lexical-constructional interface / Gabrijela Buljan and Alma Vancura (p.201-233) -- Time metaphors in English and Croatian: A corpus-based study / Goran Schmidt and Marija Omazic (p.235-246) -- Non-native speakers lost in space but found in time / Jadranka Zlomislic, Vlatka Ivic and Blazenka Sostaric (p.247-259) -- Time in fictive orality (Based on Croatian and German novels) / Anita Pavic Pintaric (p.261-271) -- Time and tense in United States presidents’ inaugural speeches from the perspective of historical sociolinguistics / Aleksandar Kavgic (p.273-296) -- The extension of meaning of temporal adverbs in Serbian-speaking children aged 1;6 to 4;0 / Mirjana Mandic (p.297-312) -- Native and foreign places in travel writing: The Guardian travel section / Sarolta Godnic Vicic (p.313-327) -- Foreign language acquisition in space and time: A comparative analysis of the Croatian foreign language acquisition context Visnja Pavicic Takac and Vesna Bagaric (p.329-351) -- Language and ideology in time and space / Renata Fox (p.353-371)

Contributions issues de la 23e conférence annuelle de la Croatian Applied Linguistics Society (CALS), intitulée "Space and time in language : language in space and time", tenue du 21 au 23 mai 2009 Osijec (Croatie)

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