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Space and Time in Languages and Cultures : Linguistic Diversity edited by Luna Filipovic, Katarzyna M. Jaszczolt. - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2012. - 1 vol. (XV-492 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm. - Human cognitive processing, 36 1387-6724 ; .

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Introduction: Linguistic diversity in the spatio-temporal domain / Luna Filipović and Kasia M. Jaszczolt (p.1-11) -- Spatial relations in Hinuq and Bezhta / Diana Forker (p.15-34) -- Pragmatically disambiguating space: Experimental and cross-linguistic evidence / Didier Maillat (p.35-52) -- The semantics of the perfect progressive in English / Keith Allan (p.53-71) -- Drowning “into” the river in North Sámi: Uses of the illative / Peter Svenonius (p.73-94) -- Cross-linguistic differences in expressing time and universal principles of utterance interpretation / Kasia M. Jaszczolt (p.95-121) -- Modelling temporal reasoning: Aspectual interaction in determiners, adverbs, and dialogue / Alice ter Meulen (p.123-134) -- Language-specific perspectives in reference to time in the discourse of Czech, English, and Hungarian speakers / Norbert Vanek (p.135-156) -- More than “time”: The grammaticalisation of the German tense system and ‘frame of reference’ as a crucial interface between space and time / Sonja Zeman (p.157-178) -- L2 acquisition of tense-aspect morphology: Lexical aspect, morphological regularity, and transfer / Ho Leung Chan, Jessica Finberg, Willie Costello and Yasuhiro Shirai (p.181-204) -- Motion events in Japanese and English: Does learning a second language change the way you view the world? / Zoe Pei-sui Luk (p.205-232) -- ‘He walked up the pole with arms and legs’: Typology in second language acquisition / Ivana Vidaković (p.233-261) -- Caused motion events across languages and learner types: A comparison of bilingual first and adult second language acquisition / Helen Engemann, Anne-Katharina Harr (née Ochsenbauer) and Maya Hickmann (p.263-287) -- Spatial prepositions in Italian L2: Universal and language-specific principles / Giovanna Marotta and Linda Meini (p.289-323) -- Expressing simultaneity using aspect: A comparison of oral productions in French L1, Tunisian Arabic L1, and French L2 by Tunisian learners / Inès Saddour (p.325-346) -- Variation in motion events: Theory and applications / Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano and Alberto Hijazo-Gascón (p.349-371) -- Italian motion constructions: Different functions of ‘particles’ / Monica Mosca (p.373-393) -- A temporal approach to motion verbs: ‘Come’ and ‘go’ in English and East Asian languages / Yumiko Nishi (p.395-415) -- The role of grammar in the conceptualisation of ‘progression’: A comparative analysis of Dutch and Japanese event descriptions / Keiko Yoshioka and Béryl Hilberink-Schulpen / (p.417-436) -- The locative PP motion construction in Polish: A third lexicalisation pattern? / Wojciech Lewandowski (p.437-457) -- Path salience in motion descriptions in Jaminjung / Dorothea Hoffmann (p.459-479)



Space and time in language.
Language and languages--Variation.
Nakh languages--Aspect.
Nakh languages--Tense.
Ginukh language--Grammar, Comparative--Bezhta.
Bezhta language--Grammar, Comparative--Ginukh.
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