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The scope of anthropology Maurice Godelier's work in context : [essays in honour of Maurice Godelier] / [Texte imprimé] : edited by Laurent Dousset and Serge Tcherkézoff. - New York ; Oxford (GB) : Berghahn books, 2012, cop. 2012. - 1 vol. (vi-288 p.) : ill., couv. ill. ; 24 cm. - Methodology and history in anthropology, 1554-3773 .

Autre tirage : 2015 (en éd. brochée)

Publications de M. Godelier p. 246-263. Bibliogr.en fin de chapitres. Index.

Introduction / Laurent Dousset and Serge Tcherkézoff (p.1-23) -- Some things you say, Some things you dissimulate, and some things you keep to yourself : linguistic, material and marital exchange in the construction of Melanesian societies / Joel Robbins (p.25-45) -- The enigma of Christian conversion : exchange and the emergence of new great men among the Maisin of Papua New Guinea / John Barker (p.46-66) -- Alienating the inalienable : marriage and money in a big man society / Polly Wiessner (p.67-85) -- Anthropology and the future of sexuality studies : an essay in honour of Maurice Godelier / Gilbert Herdt (p.86-109) -- Material and immaterial relations : gender, rank and Christianity in Vanuatu / Margaret Jolly (p.110-154) -- The making of chiefs : "hereditary succession", personal agency and exchange in North Mekeo chiefdoms / Mark S. Mosko (p.155-190) -- What is left out in kinship / Robert H. Barnes (p.191-205) -- Maurice Godelier and the Asiatic mode / Jack Goody (p.206-211) -- The dialectic of cosmopolitanization and indigenization in the contemporary world system : contradictory configurations of class and culture / Jonathan Friedman (p.212-245) -- Publications by Maurice Godelier (p.246-263)

9780857453310 (rel) 9780857453327 (éd. numérique) 0857453319 (rel) 9781782385325 (br)

9780857453310 9781782385325


Godelier, Maurice (1934-....) --Mélanges et hommages.

Big man (Melanesia).

Mélanésie--Moeurs et coutumes.

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