Boundaries, dynamics and construction of traditions in South Asia [Texte imprimé] / edited by Federico Squarcini. - Firenze : Firenze University Press : Munshiram Manoharlal, cop.2005. - 1 vol. (618 p.) ; 24 cm. - Kykéion studi e testi .

Notes bibliogr.

Preface / Squarcini, Federico (p.7-8) -- "Tradens, Traditum, Recipiens". Introductory Remarks on the Semiotics, Pragmatics and Politics of Tradition / Squarcini, Federico (p.11-38) -- The Revelation of Tradition : "sruti, smrti", and the Sanskrit Discourse of Power / Pollock, Sheldon (p.41-61) -- The Reliability of Tradition / Bronkhorst, Johannes (p.63-76) -- The Transmission, Patronage, and Prestige of Brahmanical Piety from the Mauryas to the Guptas / Lubin, Timothy (p.77-103) -- Buddhism and the Mahabharata. Boundary Dynamics in Textual Practice / Hiltebeitel, Alf (p.107-131) -- Trita's Tumble and Agasya's Ancestors : On the Narrative Construction of "Dharma" / Patton, Laurie L. (p.133-157) -- Creating Traditions through Narration. The Case of Sakuntala / Thapar, Romila (p.159-173) -- A Dynamic Tradition of Truth-Telling : Moral Innovation in the "Mahabharata" / Ganeri, Jonardon (p.175-201) -- From Person to Person : A Study of Tradition in the "Guruparamparasara" of Vedanta Desika's "Srimat Rahasyatrayasara" / Francis X., Clooney S.J. (p.203-224) -- What Makes a Work 'traditional'? On the Success of Nilakantha's "Mahabharata" Commentary / Minkowski, Christopher (p.225-252) -- Constructing the Wheel of Time. Strategies for Establishing a Tradition / Sferra, Francesco (p253-285) -- Bhattamimamsa and Nyaya on Veda and Tradition / Freschi, Elisa, Graheli, Alessandro (p.287-323) -- Why Should the Flower of Dharma Be Invisible? Sayana's Vision of the Unity of the Veda / Galewics, Cezary (p.325-357) -- Ultimate Source of Validation for the Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition : Elite Usage versus Rules of Grammar / Deshpande, Madhav M. (p.361-387) -- "Loke, vede, sastre" : Grammarians' Partition of Tradition and Related Linguistics Domains / Candotti, Maria Piera (p.389-409) -- Dealing with Conflicting Views within the Paninian Tradition : On the Derivation of "tyadrs" etc. / Vergiani, Vincenzo (p.411-433) -- Traditions against Tradition. Criticism, Dissent and the Struggle for the Semiotic Primacy of Veridiction / Squarcini, Federico (p.437-484) -- The Nonconformity to Tradition of the Mahanubhavs / Rigopoulos, Antonio (p.485-514) -- Tradition of Protest : The Development of Ritual Suicide from Religious Act to Political Statement / Baldissera, Fabrizia (p.515-568) -- When Two Strong Men Stand Face to Face. The Indologist, the Pandit and the Re-Making of the Jaina Scholarly Tradition / Emmrich, Christoph (p.571-587) -- Evaluation or Dialogue? A Brief Reflection on the Understanding of the Indian Tradition of Debate / Lo Turco, Bruno (p.589-606) -- Unity in Diversity : Indian and Western Philosophical Traditions / Tola, Fernando, Dragonetti, Carmen (p.607-618)

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Indian philosophy.

Asie orientale--Civilisation.
South Asia--Civilization.
South Asia--Religion.

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