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Vital voices : Endangered Languages and Multilingualism : proceedings of the Tenth FEL Conference, CIIL, Mysore, India, 25-27 October 2006 Proceedings of the FEL X editors, R. Elangaiyan ... [et al.]. - Mysore : Central Institute of Indian Languages : Bath : The Foundation of Endangered Languages 2007 - 1 vol. (IX-196 p.) : ill., cartes ; 29 cm - Central Institute of Indian Languages ; 572 .

Languages Threatened in a Plural Milieu : Dialectics of Speech Variation & Globalization / Lachman M. Kubchandani (p.3-9) -- Multilingualism Endangered / Haobam Basantarani (p.13-22) -- Challenges to Indo-Portuguese across India / Hugo C. Cardoso (p.25-32) -- Wirangu and Gugada - the Survival Prospects of Two Neighbouring Australian Languages / Paul Monaghan (p.33-37) -- Globalisation, Empowerment and the periphery : The Malays of Sri Lanka / Umberto Ansaldo & Lisa Lim (p.41-48) -- Contact and Convergence : Observations Based on Phonology and Morphology of Malto / Chaithra Puttaswamy (p.49-51) -- Language Loss to an Invisible Enemy - The Case of the Tuahka / Elena Benedicto, Modesta Dolores, Gloria Fendly, Tomasa Gómez (p.53-60) -- Speaking in Tongues, Saving Souls: Religion in the "Resurrection" and Death of Endangered Languages / Begoña Echeverria (p.63-66) -- Beyong Linguistic Documentation: Giving New Breath to Indigenous Voices / David A. Hough (p.67-74) -- Language Documentation in Andamans : Highs and Lows / Abhishek Avtans & Anvita Abbi (p.75-78) -- Future of Torwali-speaking migrants in the urban areas of Pakistan / Inam Ullah (p.81-86) -- Small languages in a polylingual situation - the case of Turung / Stephen Morey (p.87-94) -- On the Possibilities of Revitalizing Synya Khanty / Maria Sipos (p.95-99) -- Strategies Proposed for Arresting Language Endangerment in India / R. Elangaiyan (p.103-106) -- On profiles of Use for Majority Languages in Southern Nigeria / Ronald P. Schaefer & Francis O. Egbokhare (p.107-112) -- Carving Both Sides: Globalization in Education Reform and Language Politics in the Coroico Municipality of the Nor Yungas of Bolivia / Victoria Stockton (p.115-125) -- The Linguistic Scenario in the Temuan community / Maya Khemlani David (p.127-134) -- Linguistic minorities and marginalization in Botswana: Prospects for survival / Kemmonye C. Monaka & Gregory H. Kamwendo (p.135-142) -- Language Shift in a Minority Swat Kohistani Community - The Case of Ushojo / Khadim Hussain (p.145-151) -- Multilingualism in Pamir: Challenges of Preservation and Revitalization / Hakim Elnazarov (p.153-158) -- The complexity and Emergence of Hindi as Lingua Franca in Arunachal Pradesh / Yankee Modi (p.161-165) -- Multilingualism in Archi: Communication, Self-Identification and Social Prestige / Nina Dobrushina (p.167-173) -- Challenges and Responses to the Survival of a Tribal Language "Raji" / Kavita Rastogi (p.175-179) -- Re-Orientations in Language Planning: a "Language-as-Cultural-Resource" Model from a Canadian First Nation / Christine Schreyer (p.181-186) -- Epilogue: The Sense of Danger: Some Reflections on Language Endangerment / Udaya Narayana Singh (p.189-196)



Linguistic minorities--Congresses.
Endangered languages--Congresses.
Bedrohte Sprache.
Sprachliche Minderheit.

Mysore (2006)
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