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Impersonal constructions a cross-linguistic perspective / [Texte imprimé] : edited by Andrej Malchukov,... Anna Siewierska,.... - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 2011. - 1 vol. (IX-641 p.) : cartes. ; 25 cm. - Studies in language companion series, 0165-7763 .

Bibliogr. en fin de contributions. Index.

Introduction / Andrej Malchukov and Anna Siewierska (p.1–16) --
Towards a typology of impersonal constructions: A semantic map approach / Andrej Malchukov and Akio Ogawa (p.17–54) --
Overlap and complementarity in reference impersonals: Man-constructions vs. third person plural-impersonals in the languages of Europe / Anna Siewierska (p.57–90) --
Verbs of motion: Impersonal passivization between unaccusativity and unergativity / Werner Abraham (p.91–126) --
On the distribution of subject properties in formulaic presentationals of Germanic and Romance: A diachronic-typological approach / Volker Gast and Florian Haas (p.127–166) --
Impersonal constructions and accusative subjects in Late Latin / Michela Cennamo (p.169–188) --
From passive to impersonal: A case study from Italian and its implications / Anna Giacalone-Ramat and Andrea Sansò (p.189–228) --
Passive to anticausative through impersonalization: The case of Vedic and Indo-European / Leonid Kulikov (p.229–254) --
The Maa (Eastern Nilotic) Impersonal construction / Doris L. Payne (p.255–284) --
Impersonal constructions in Jóola-Banjal / Alain Christian Bassène and Denis Creissels (p.285–306) --
Impersonal configurations and theticity: The case of meteorological predications in Afroasiatic / Amina Mettouchi and Mauro Tosco (p.307–322) --
Revisiting impersonal constructions in Modern Hebrew: Discourse-based perspectives / Ruth Berman (p.323–356) --
The elephant in the room: The impersonal -ne/-te construction in Polish / Anna Kibort (p.357–394) --
Meteorological verbs in Uralic languages – are there any impersonal structures to be found / Merja Salo (p.395–438) --
Impersonal constructions in Ket / Edward J. Vajda, Andrey Nefedov and Andrej Malchukov (p.439–458) --
Impersonal verbs in Central Alaskan Yupik (Eskimoan) / Osahito Miyaoka (p.459–488) --
Impersonals in Innu / Lynn Drapeau (p.489–516) --
A diachronic study of the impersonal passive in Ainu / Anna Bugaeva (p.517–546) --
Referential impersonal constructions in Mandarin / Yi Yan and Anna Siewierska (p.547–580) --
Impersonal constructions in some Oceanic languages / Claire Moyse-Faurie (p.581–606) --
Impersonal constructions in Umpithamu and the Lamalamic languages / Jean-Christophe Verstraete (p.607–626)

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Ordre des mots.
Grammar, Comparative and general--Subjectless constructions.
Grammar, Comparative and general--Word order.

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