Sebeok, Thomas Albert

Style in language [Texte imprimé] / edited by Thomas A. Sebeok. - Cambridge (Mass.) : The MIT Press (Massachussetts Institute of Technology), 1960 - 1 vol. (XVII-470 p.) ; 21 cm. - Litterature and Criticism .


Introduction / Thomas A. Sebeok (p. 1-5) -- Poetic Process and Literary Analysis / I. A. Richards (p.9-24) -- Oral Styles of American Folk Narrators / Richard M. Dorson (p.27-53) -- Casual and Noncasual Utterances within Unified Structure / C. F. Voegelin (p.57-68) -- Linguistics and the Study of Poetic Language / Edward Stankiewicz (p.69-81) -- The Application of Linguistics to the Study of Poetic Language / Sol Saporta (p. 82-93) -- A Program for the Definition of Literature (abstract) / Archibald A. Hill (p.94-95) -- Expressive Language (abstract) / Edward Stankiewicz (p. 96-97) -- Phonological Aspects of Style: Some English Sonnets / Dell H. Hymes (p. 109-131) -- Metric Typology / John Lotz (p. 135-148) -- Comparing Metrical Styles / Seymour Chatman (p. 149-172) -- On Free Rhythms in Modern Poetry / Benjamin Hrushovski (p. 173-190) -- The Metrical Emblem (abstract) / John Hollander (p.191-192) -- The Concept of Meter: an Exercise in Abstraction (abstract) / W. K. Wimsatt, Jr., and M. C. Beardsley (p.193-209) -- Nominal and Verbal Style / Rulon Wells (p.213-220) -- Decoding a Text: Levels and Aspects in a Cheremis Sonnet / Thomas A. Sebeok (p.221-235) -- An Analysis of Structured Content, with Application of Electronic Computer Research, in Psycholinguistics (abstract) / Thomas A. Sebeok and V. J. Zeps (p.236-237) -- Variant Readings and Misreading / I. A. Richards (p.241-252) -- The Pronouns of Power and Solidarity / Roger Brown and Albert Gilman (p.253-276) -- Style in Finnegans Wake (abstract) / Fred H. Higginson (p. 277-279) -- Vectors of Prose Style / John B. Carroll (p.283-292) -- Some Effects of Motivation on Style of Encoding / Charles E. Osgood (p.293-306) -- Commonality of Association as an Indicator of More General Patterns of Verbal Behavior / James J. Jenkins (p.307-335) -- From the Viewpoint of Linguistics: Opening Statement / Fred W. Householder, Jr. (p.339-349) -- Concluding Statement: Linguistics and Poetics, / Roman Jakobson (p.350-377) -- From the Viewpoint of Psychology: Opening Statement / Roger Brown (p.378-385) -- Closing Statement / George A. Miller (p.386-395) -- From the Viewpoint of Literary Criticism: Opening Statement / John Hollander (p.396-407) -- Closing Statement / René Wellek (p.408-434)

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