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Geographical typology and linguistic areas with special reference to Africa / [Texte imprimé] : edited by Osamu Hieda,... Christa König,... Hirosi Nakagawa,.... - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins, cop. 2011. - 1 vol. (320 p.) : ill., cartes. ; 25 cm. - Tokyo University of foreign studies (TUFS) studies in linguistics ; vol. 2 .

Bibliogr. en fin de contribution. Notes bibliogr. Index.

Message from the President / Ikuo Kameyama (p.1-2) -- Center for Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education / Makoto Minegishi (p.3-5) -- Introduction / Christa König (p.7-11) -- Areal Features and Linguistic Areas: Contact-induced Change and Geographical Typology / Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (p.13-39) -- Areas of Grammaticalization and Geographical Typology / Bernd Heine (p.41-66) -- Case Marking and Linguistic Geography / Christa König (p.67-90) -- Can Ethiopian Languages be Considered Languages in the African Linguistic Area? The Case of Highland East Cushitic, particularly Sidaama and Kambaata / Kazuhiro Kawachi (p.91-107) -- Proto-Bantu and Proto-Niger-Congo: Macro-areal Typology and Linguistic Reconstruction / Tom Güldemann (p.109-141) -- Explaining Convergence and the Formation of Linguistic Areas / Yaron Matras (p.143-160) -- Is Kumam a Creole Language? A Mechanism of Linguistic Convergence in the Southern Lwo Area / Osamu Hieda (p.161-176) -- The Continuum of Languages in West Tanzania Bantu: A Case Study of Gongwe, Bende, and Pimbwe / Yuko Abe (p.177-188) -- Patterns of Linguistic Convergence in the Khoe-speaking Area of Southern Africa / Rainer Vossen (p.189-200) -- Tense and Aspect in Khoesan: The case of Ju/'hoansi / Budzani Gabanamotse-Mogara (p.201-211) -- Ritual Pathways: Contact in a Framework of Difference, Imitation and Alterity / Anne Storch (p.213-232) -- The Eastern Kalahari Khoe: A Focus on Inter-Khoisan Ethno-language Dynamics around the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans of Botswana / Andy Chebanne (p.233-250) -- Language Contact and Social Change in North-central Namibia: Socialization via Singing and Dancing Activities among the !Xun San / Akira Takada (p.251-267) -- Two Types of Kinship Classification Found among the Khoe Languages — Relative and Absolute Calculations in Determining the Seniority among Classificatory Siblings / Hitomi Ono (p.269-278) -- A First Report on G|ui Ideophones / Hirosi Nakagawa (p.279-286) -- Noun-Modifier Order in Africa / Matthew S. Dryer (p.287-311)

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Typologie (linguistique).
Typology (Linguistics).


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