Schell, Lawrence M.

Urban Ecology and Health in the Third World. 32nd Symposium Volume of the Society for the Study of Human Biology - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009 - 1 vol. (XIII-287 p.) : ill. ; 23 cm - Society for the Study of Human Biology Symposium ; 32 .

Human biological approaches to the study of Third World urbanism / L. M. Schell, M. T. Smith and A. Bilsborough (p.1-9) -- Social and cultural influences in the risk cardiovascular disease in urban Brazil / W. W. Dressler, I. E. Dos Santos AND F. E. Viteri (p.10-25) -- The urban disadvantage in the developing world and the physical and mental growth of children / F. E. Johnston (p.26-37) -- Differences in endocrine status associated with urban—rural patterns of growth and maturation in Bundi (Gende-speaking) adolescents of Papua New Guinea / B. Zemel, C. Worthman and C. Jenkins (p.38-60) -- Nutritionally vulnerable households in the urban slum economy: a case study from Khulna, Bangladesh / J. Pryer (p.61-74) -- Urban-rural differences in growth and diarrhoeal morbidity of Filipino infants / L. S. Adair, J. Vanderslice and N. Zohoori (p.75-98) -- Child health and growth in urban South Africa / N. Cameron (p.99-114) -- From countryside to town in Morocco: ecology, culture and public health / E. Crognier (p.115-128) -- Urban-rural population research: a town like Alice / E. Beck (p.129-143) -- Selection for rural-to-urban migrants in Guatemala / H. Kaplowitz, R. Martorell and P. L. Engle (p.144-162) -- Health and nutrition in Mixtec Indians: factors influencing the decision to migrate to urban centres / P. Lefevre-Witier, E. Katz, C. Serrano, and L. A. Vargas (p.163-171) -- Urban health and ecology in Bunia, N. E. Zaïre, with special reference to the physical development of children / J. Ghesquiere, E. Nkiama, R. Wellens and P. Dulieu (p.172-192) -- Food for thought: meeting a basic need for low-income urban residents / D. Drakakis-Smith (p.193-201) -- Immunological parameters in northeast Arnhem Land Aborigines: consequences of changing settlement patterns and lifestyles / G. Flannery and N. White (p.202-220) -- Amerindians and the price of modernisation / K. M. Weiss, A. V. Buchanan, R. Valdez, J. H. Moore and J. Campbell (p.221-243) -- Sex ratio determinants in Indian populations: studies at national, state and district levels / A. H. Bittles, W. M. Mason, D. N. Singarayer, S. Shreeniwas and M. Spinar (p.244-259) -- Polarisation and depolarisation in Africa / J. I. Clarke (p.260-273) -- Urbanisation in the Third World: health policy implications / T. Harpham (p.274-282)

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